Monday, July 16, 2012

Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist FAQ


How Can I Be Sure My Smile Will Still Look Natural?

Once your work with a Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist is completed, your smile will be more natural than it was. Older fillings can be replaced and carefully matched to your exact teeth color after teeth whitening. Cracks and chips in your teeth will be repaired. A lot of what is done by a cosmetic dentist is just repairing damage, though we change the shape and alignment of teeth when that is needed, all to make your teeth look completely natural. The whole point of cosmetic dentistry is that your teeth look perfect and that includes natural. If you can tell that you had dental work done, then it wasn't done by a good Los Angeles Dentist.

How Expensive Is Cosmetic Dentistry in Los Angeles?

The cost depends entirely on your situation and how many corrective steps are needed. Financing is always available through CareCredit.

How Long Does Cosmetic Dental Work Take?

Teeth Whitening takes only an hour or two. Other work can take one or two visits. In the case of alignment where braces are needed, we use Invisalign which is very gentle and the treatment is done over a period of several months.

 Is the whitening procedure safe?

The laser teeth whitening treatment is totally safe when done under supervision by a oral healthcare specialist. Don’t worry, it will not cause any damage to your teeth’s enamel or cause any weakening. The only side effect can be some short term sensitivity of your teeth however everyone is different ranging from slight to heightened sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment. If laser teeth whitening systems were proven unsafe in any way, the multi-billion dollar industry as we know it would not exist.

How many times can I have my teeth whitened?

You can have our zoom whitening treatment up to 3 times a year. This keeps your smile bright, white and refreshed.

Will teeth whitening make my crowns, bridges and veneers whiter?

No, tooth whitening only works on your natural teeth and it won't affect your crowns, bridges, veneers or any other dental work.  The whitening procedure will whiten any stains on your crowns, or bridges to the colour it was when originally matched to your teeth, however it will not make them go whiter than that.


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